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What is the Nevada Commerce Tax?

The Nevada Commerce Tax is a tax on revenue generated in Nevada.  The tax started accruing on July 1, 2015 and the first tax return is due August 15, 2016 for the previous fiscal year.  The fiscal year is based on Nevada’s fiscal year of June 30th.  The rates for the tax are based on the business entity classification.  There are several exemptions from taxable income.  Also there is a $4,000,000 standard deduction before the company has to pay taxes.  Nevada businesses still have to file a commerce tax return even if there is no tax due.

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Nevada Commerce Tax Rates

The Nevada Commerce Tax rates are based on the North American Industry Classification System.  Nevada businesses already have a NAICS # from registering with the Nevada Secretary of State to receive a business license.

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Commerce Tax Deadline

The Nevada Commerce Tax return is due on August 15 which is 45 days following the end of the State fiscal year ending June 30.

Can I Get An Extension to File the Return?

Yes, businesses can get a 30 day extension to pay the Nevada Commerce Tax.  The company must request by written application before the deadline of August 15.  There isn’t a penalty but interest is charged on the balance due.

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Commerce Tax Audit

The Nevada Tax Department can audit any person or business who may be liable for the commerce tax.  This includes any person who has to file a schedule C, E, or F on their Federal 1040.


Modified Businesss Tax Credit

A business that is subject to the commerce tax can take a credit of up to 50% of the tax paid on its modified business tax return.  The credit has to be taken during the first 4 quarters following the payment of the tax.  The modified business tax return can be amended to include the credit if it has already been filed.  In limited circumstances if related businesses run payroll through only one company the credit can be taken on the related business’s modified business tax return even though the company didn’t pay the commerce tax.

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